Wednesday 20th April 2011 - Shenstone

An interesting visit to the patch this morning.  On the northern side of Shenstone (ie. Butts Lane, Heath Lane and Stanklyn Lane) I recorded no less than 8 singing Common Whitethroat.  One of which, along Heath Lane, already appears to have found a mate.

Spring migration was still evident today with 2 flyover Yellow Wagtails.  One flew over Heath Lane heading West and the other over Witch Lane heading NW.  2 Northern Wheatears (1♂) were also present on the plough along Witch Lane and the Cuckoo still remains singing from the grounds of the Islamic School on Heath Lane.

A House Martin was seen over the cricket ground at the start of Witch Lane.

Whilst on Butts Lane a ♀ Mallard came waddling past me with 13 chicks in was one of those sights that really warmed the cockles...see the photos below.

Common Whitethroat - Shenstone,  April 2011:
Mallard with chicks - Shenstone - 20th April 2011:


  1. Touche! with the Whitethroat photo Jase :-)

  2. Ha...yours are somewhat better than mine warren...the light was all wrong and every shot I took he turned slightly so I didntcatch his whitethroat whilst singing...ah weel there in for the summer now so I'm sure better photos will follow

  3. Nice images, Jason.