Friday 19th August 2011 - Shenstone

Today it was Tony's turn to play chauffeur, picking me up late afternoon so that we could do a tour of the patch.

We started down at Stanklyn Lane paddocks where 8 Mistle Thrush, 1 juvenile Green Woodpecker and a Stock Dove were present.

A Hobby was present and showing well, hawking over the Heath Lane cereal fields.  Hobbys are perhaps my favourite raptor, they are so fast and agile in the air. Also of note was a single Corn Bunting that was perched on the telegraph wires near the paddock.

Other than the above things were very quiet.  The butterflies were nowhere to be seen, with only Small Whites putting in an appearance.

Earlier today 2 Grey Partridge (1 adult & 1 juvenile) were present along Witch Lane (TMH)


  1. I like the hobby to Jase, its the best time of year for them now :-)

    Re the Greenland Wheatear you suggested on my blog, I think you may be right, I have had a few pass through here before :-)