Tuesday 17th August 2011 - Shenstone News

I was unable to get around Shenstone today, so here is a round up of sightings on the patch by fellow birders: 

Grey Partridge have successfully bred at Shenstone with 5 Grey Partridges (2 adults and 3 juv) recorded early evening.  A Common Redstart was present at Stanklyn Lane paddocks and a Hobby was seen over Witch Lane.  A flock of 20+ Mistle Thrushes was also present there (TMH)

2 Corn Buntings were present along Butts Lane this evening (TS)

Also recorded along Witch Lane this evening were 70 Lapwing, c.30 Mistle Thrush, 2 Swift, 25 House Martin and a Kestrel (MP)


  1. I never seen a Corn Bunting, it must be lovely to see one or two.

  2. I'm very lucky Bob to have them breed on my patch they are on the red list and are seriously declining nationally