Monday 15th August 2011 - Shenstone

I popped to the patch around mid-day to check 'Redstart hedge' to see if yesterday's birds were still present.  On arrival I bumped into Terry Hinett and his wife Rosemary.  Whilst Terry and I scanned for the hedgerow, Rose saw a Stoat run across Stanklyn Lane (typical!).

After about 15 minutes of scanning it became apparent that neither of yesterday's male Redstarts were present.  Then suddenly a bird flicked out of the hedge and back.  We quickly got onto it only to find that it was a really crisp looking ♀ Common Redstart.  This must be a new bird in and now takes this Autumn's Common Redstart passage total to 5.

After a while the bird flew further into the hedge and didn't show again (so no pics I'm afraid folks).  I did also see a Painted Lady fly over the paddock, a patch first for this year.

There was no sign of any Lapwings on the patch today and the nearby Podmore flock only numbered 63 Lapwing.


  1. I haven't seen a Painted Lady for two years, before it was a case of everybody had been easy to see, there were so many.

  2. I'm always pleased to get a Redstart Jase, they are by no means annual here.

  3. Hey Jason, send one of those Redstarts over to Brandon Marsh! I haven't seen one there in the 3 years I've been volunteering :)



  4. Cheers Bob...Painted Lady is one of these species that has invasion years when there are loads...they are very thin on the ground in my area this year only having seen 2.

    Cheers Warren. Its the best autumn I can remember on my patch for Redstart.

    Keith, Im suprised that you dont get more through Brandon on passage...keep them never know!