Saturday 13th August 2011 - Deadstone

I had been out and about with my better half today mooching around Bridgnorth,  so I didn't get down to the patch until tea-time. After scouting all possible fence posts, scrubby bushes and bare fields I came away without a single passage migrant.  It was even worse in terms of butterflies...1 Gatekeeper, 2 Large Whites and a handful of Small Whites.  There was one ray of light though in the form of 2 Ravens that were down in the small grassy field along Butts lane...its not until you see them on the deck that you realise just how large and powerful these birds are.

Just off patch at Podmore the Lapwing flock numbered 86 Lapwings today, with a good mix of adults and immature Lapwings.  It's only a matter of time before they drift over the road and on patch to Witch Lane.  Curiously enough there is a single Starling that has been present with this flock obviously thinks its a plover, taking off and wheeling about with them whenever they go up!

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