Thursday 11th August 2011 - Just off patch

Today, after doing a bit of running about, I decided to do a quick whistle stop around Shenstone.  Not a single passage migrant was to be seen, in fact there seemed to be a distinct lack of anything full stop!

I finished my disappointing scoot around the patch at the bottom of Witch Lane.  I decided to cross over the Droitwich Road (off patch and into an area called Podmore), to check out the large harvested field at the start of Ryeland Lane.  This field has got large areas of bare sandy soil and looking across I counted a flock of 78 Lapwing sat in the field.  Better still were 2 Yellow Wagtails that were also present.  The annoying thing was the fact that these birds were only a few hundred metres of patch...ah well them's the breaks!

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