Tuesday 2nd August 2011 - Shenstone

I only popped to the patch for a whistle stop visit today.  I was on my way back home from collecting my dog's prescription from the vets and thought I would just check out some of the likely spots for passage migrants.

I Heath Lane and Butts Lane were dead, so I headed over to Stanklyn Lane.  Things were better here and at the beet field there was a juvenile Garden Warbler in the hedgerow.  To my knowledge they haven't bred on the patch this year so this is likely a first year bird that was passing through.

I then checked out the paddocks where I found a stunning Common Redstart perched along 'redstart hedge'.  I call it 'Redstart hedge' as approx. 80% of all patch Common Redstarts have occurred here).  This bird was showing really well but unfortunately I hadn't got my camera with me (doh!).  At times the Redstart was being harassed by the resident Robin who didn't like the presence of this bird on its territory.

All in all I'm glad I stopped off on the way back home.

Also on Tuesday 2nd August a Lesser Whitethroat was seen along Stanklyn Lane (TS)

The Common Redstart was present again on Wednesday 3rd August and a ♀ Redstart was also present (JC) and 2 Ravens were present along Stanklyn Lane on the eveining (TMH)


  1. Its always the whistle stop visits that turn something up Jase :-)

  2. Ha...you may have a point there Warren. Spent hours on the patch today and turned up nowt!