Out and About.....

It's that time of year where there seems to be loads going on and birding opportunities limited.  Add to that the fact that my better half has been of this week for a spot of Christmas shopping....I haven't been able to get out as much as I would like.  Still, I have grabbed an hour here and there so below is a summary of these outings.

Wednesday 14th December
I had an appointment today at the Worcester Biological Records Centre at Lower Smite Farm near Droitwich.  As I was running a bit early I decided to kill twenty minutes by visiting the grounds of the rather posh local hotel/restaurant Chateau Impney to see if there was any sign of the wintering flock of Wigeon.  I was in luck and spent a short while enjoying the 25 Wigeon that were on the River Salwarpe there.

Late afternoon, on my way back home, I drove back through Shenstone.  Whilst on Witch Lane I noted 7 Cormorants that were just heading off from Willow Marsh Fishery.  At Barrs Lane there was a small flock of 20 Linnet wheeling about over the stubble.  Also of note were a Common Buzzard and 8 Fieldfare.

Thusrday 15th December
A Peregrine was seen flying high over my back garden in Kidderminster this morning heading towards Weavers Wharf.

At Shenstone there were 20 Cormorant present at Willow Marsh fishery (TMH)

Late afternoon I paid another visit to Ladies Pool at Blakedown.  There were an increased number of Goosander here today with a total of 19 Goosander (3 drakes) present.  I then headed to the nearby Brake Mill Pool at Hagley, where I normally see wintering Goosander....there were none to be seen.  Perhaps there is a correlation between the birds at the two aforementioned sites.  

Anyway I've dipped into my archives to post this photo of a ♀ Goosander that I took last winter.  They really are stunning looking birds.

Goosander - December 2010


  1. I`m the opposite, Jason. Plenty of birding time, but with little happening.

  2. I know that feeling Dean. I can have long spells at Shenstone where very Little seems to happen but then its those few good days that make it all worth while!

  3. Lovely Goosander pic. Jase. Like you say, hard to get out at this time of year - but it will soon be holiday time!

  4. Goosanders Jason, I absolutely love 'em! Great picture.

  5. Warren - Cheers Mate. You are absolutely right...roll on the festivities! After that it will soon be spring again!

    Phil - Thanks... I never tire of seeing them either!

  6. You've cut your hair, it must have been for winter. Beautiful Goosanser.

  7. Cheers Bob..I always do these things the wrong way round...I had my hair long for the summer!

  8. I made a quick visit to Brake Lane early Thursday afternoon to feed the massive flock of Black-headed Gulls and in comparism relatively few Mallards! I was chuffed to briefly see two Kingfishers as I headed towards the bridge, they must have been perched close by, one flew over the water and the other over the paddock!

    I saw 4 Goosander on Brake Mill Pool(I say lake on my blog because I am lazy.lol) and a surprise Little Grebe on the 29th October Jason!

    Love the Goosander image!

  9. Thanks Pam. It always amazes me the sheer numbers of Black-headed Gulls that congregate around Brake Mill. Definitely worth keeping an eye on them as a Med Gull could quite easily turn up with them one day. I've never seen Kingfisher there so I'm just a little envious..as you saw two!