Tuesday 27th December - Grimley & Shenstone

Today Bev and I decided to go out for a post Christmas stroll to burn off a little of those excesses.  We decided to pop to Grimley for a couple of hours.

Just before arriving a Grimley we decided to check out the field opposite the entrance to top barn.  There were no Golden Plover there today but there were still c.150 Lapwing present.

We parked up at the north end of Camp Lane pits and walked the footpaths down to the causeway at the south end.  There was very little of note at Camp Lane today other than 20 Gadwall, 5 Pochard (2 ♂), c.200 Canada Geese, 5 Little Grebe and 5 Mute Swans (2 adult & 3 imm.).  The only notable passerines were 2 Siskin, 1 Meadow Pipit and 1 Pied Wagtail.

On the way back home I decided to skirt through the patch.  On driving down Heath Lane I noticed that the trees next to the paddock was loaded with birds.  I pulled over and began to scan.  In the tree tops were c.60 Fieldfare and 3 Redwing.  With them were c.100 Starling making a tremendous racket.  I then began scanning the paddock and adjacent wires. Perched on the wires there were 9 Corn Buntings.  Not a bad little collection of birds for a whistlestop visit.

Gadwall (drake) - Grimley


  1. Despite the subtle plumage of Gadwall, they are one smart Duck, Jason.

  2. Ooooooh, Gadwall, A real rarity here Jase! Good to see you out and about again mate :-)

  3. Dean - I tottally agree. They are an oft under appreciated duck but when you look at them in more detail they are stunning...I mean, just look at those vermiculations!

    Warren - They are a scarcity at my patch these days too. Yet 10 miles down the road at Grimley there is a large healthy breeding population

  4. The Gadwall is lovely, and you photographed it, amazing.

  5. Cheers Bob...Gadwall are a much under-appreciated birds