Wednesday 21st December 2011 - Pirton Pool

I decided to go 'off patch' today and pop just south of Worcester to Pirton Pool to see the party of  4 Bewick's Swans (3 adult & 1 juv)  that have been there the past 5 days.

On arriving at Pirton I walked the public footpath to the pools edge and began scanning.  Within a few minutes I had picked up the juvenile Bewick's Swan swimming across the water towards one of the islands.  The 3 adults were sat  along the edge of the island with there heads tucked in, although one did show fairly well as it gave itself an extensive preening.

I then spent the next hour or so enjoying the birds (and a rare bit of sunshine!). It was far nicer seeing them here than through a glass window at Slimbridge just felt more natural.

Bewick's Swans are the smallest of the European swans and, like the much larger Whooper Swan, have obvious yellow in the beak.  They migrate from their breeding grounds in Siberia and the Arctic tundra between October-November, to winter in coastal lowlands of northern Europe.

Also of note at Pirton were 48 Mute Swans, c.80 Wigeon, 11 Teal and good numbers of Gadwall.

Bewick's Swan (adult)

Bewick's Swan (juvenile)

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  1. Some nice video capture this week Jase

  2. It sounds a good visit you had at Pirton Pool Jason. Super images and video, you are doing well with bathing/preening birds this week!
    I have never been to Pirton Pool, maybe I will pop along there sometime next week and hopefully the Bewick's will still be around to save me a visit to! Is parking park close by?

  3. Oops! Ignore the 'park'.lol!

  4. Mark - thanks mate, I have been pleased with this weeks excursions and the footage I have managed to capture.

    Pam - They seem fairly settledc so may be around a while yet. When going to Pirton Pool, drive through Pirton voillage until you come to a white house on your left. Opposite this house is a wooded area with a metal barrier/gate that says no parking, in constant use (although I've never seen anyone there). Just pull on the verge/corner of this can squeeze a car either side without blocking it.

    Next to the barrier is a kissing gate go through that along the public footpath 100 meteres to the next kissing gate. go through 2nd gate and walk 100m or so across the sheep field up a slight incline until you reach the waters edge. View from that corner/side as that is where the footpath runs.

    Hope this helps

  5. Its good to go somewhere where the Berwick's Swans are, great photos too.

  6. Cheers Bob...they are always a p[leasure to see

  7. Nice one, Jason. Bewicks are very hard to come by these days, away from the usual wintering spots.

  8. Cheers Dean. Ps. mate for some reason blogger wont let me open your post from 22nd December

  9. Thanks for the info on Pirton Pool Jason.

    There must have been a problem on the 22nd December as I cannot open Lutley Birders latest post and I cannot see my comment to you Jason re the Corn Buntings...weird going's on!