Thurs 22nd Dec 2011 - Ladies Pool and Brake Mill

Today was another pre-christmas day with very little time for birding but on my travels I did grab my 'bins' and check out Ladies Pool (Blakedown) and Brake Mill Pool (Hagley).

Ladies Pool was pretty quiet this afternoon with no sign of any Goosander...perhaps due to the 3 fishermen there.  The only notables were a Kingfisher and a Little Grebe.

Of note at Brake Mill Pool were c.100 Black-headed Gulls, 2 Tufted Ducks (1♀ and 1 partial-eclipse ♂), a Little Grebe and a Grey Heron
The highlight of the afternoon came after I had walked under the railway bridge towards my car. I heard a snatch of Corn Bunting singing and then another.  I walked along the lane towards the sound and much to my suprise came across a flock of 9 Corn Bunting perched in one of the large trees.  It is so unusual to see a flock of them locally away from known breeding areas such as Shenstone.  It was heartening to know that there are other pockets of this nationally declining species still about locally.

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