Friday 4th Feb 2011 - Whites Wood

This afternoon, I used TS cabs and travelled 11 miles or so up the road to Whites Wood in South Staffordshire. The wood is part of Baggeridge Country Park and I usually visit this time of year to get views of roosting Tawny Owls. There was only one owl present at the roost site today but on previous occasions I have seen two. I managed to get a few photos so I was quite pleased. Its always nice to see Tawny Owl in the daytime and I was lucky enough to see one on my patch in Dec 2009 but unfortunately I didn't have my camera that day (doh!)

Also of note during the walk around the woods were 8 Siskin (6♂), 2 Nuthatch, Green Woodpecker and 2 Common Buzzards.

Tawny Owl - 4th February 2011:


  1. I come across the odd Tawny on my patch Jase, but only once did I have the camera :-)

    Nice photo's of yours.

  2. Cheers Warren.

    Its always the way on your patch that when such opportunity arises camera! I had Barn Owl on my patch a few years back, before I was even digiscoping...bloody typical!

  3. Nice photo's Jason, I'd like to have a crack at getting a couple of photo's of that bird.