Thursday 24th Feb 2011 - Shenstone

My pursuit of the Shenstone Grey Partridges continued today. I just hope they don't become my patch bogey bird this year.

I started my visit by putting some time in at Heath Lane model aircraft field. Needless to say I didn't connect with said Partridges. It was a nice day however with sunshine, blue skies and considerably milder temperatures. As a result of the good weather 5 Common Buzzards were up soaring over the lane and many Skylarks were chasing and singing. It almost felt like spring had arrived. Also seen in this area were 36 Fieldfare, a Goldcrest and a Pied Wagtail which flew over heading NW.

Heath Lane paddock held 2 Mistle Thrushes and 14 Redwings. A single Corn Bunting was singing from the telegraph wires and a flock of c.70 Linnet were in the adjacent stubble field.

The Stanklyn Lane area of the patch was a right off today due to the steady flow of traffic to and from Halls Agricultural Sale that takes place in the gallops field opposite the paddocks. Its kind of like an agricultural car boot sale...with farm yard machinery and horticultural equipment for sale... you get the picture.

My final stop today was Witch Lane where 30 Yellowhammers and 14 Corn Bunting were present. As with Heath Lane, there were many Skylarks singing and 2 Ravens were also in the area. Again I didn't manage to see any Grey Partridge but I did hear one calling from the winter wheat field...there's hope yet!

Other news from the patch: the 3 Shoveller (2♂) were still present on Captains Pool (TS) and the first Bumble Bee of the year was seen along Witch Lane (RE).

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