Sunday 20th Feb 2011 - Shenstone

This morning I heard the news that 3 Grey Partridge had been reported at Heath Lane, so OI quickly jumped in my motor and headed over there. I spent an hour and a half scanning the fields along Heath Lane but there was no sign. I only recorded a single Grey Partridge on my patch in 2010 yet previous years their had been a small breeding population, so I was disappointed not to connect with these birds.

All was not lost however as I did pick up 14 Corn Buntings on the wires next to Heath Lane paddock along with c.30 Linnet. 4 Redwings were on the deck in the paddock and a further 5 were in the adjacent trees.

Back at the model aircraft field there was still no sign of Grey Partridge but I did pick up 9 Golden Plover that flew over from Summerfield heading South. 2 Common Buzzards and a Raven were also present.

The only other bird of note today was a female Sparrowhawk that was perched in the dead tree at Butts Lane triangle.

In addition to my sightings, 2 Grey Partridge were seen in the Witch Lane area (Mike Southall) and 30+ Corn Buntings were still present (Mick Woodward)

Corn Bunting - Shenstone:


  1. Jase, maybe coincidence about the Golden Plover we both recorded, but it might just mean that there were a few on the move on Sunday ?

  2. Id like to think it may be the latter. In the past few days at Upton Warren (about 10 miles from Shenstone)there has been a Black-tailed Godwit through and an it may be the beginnings of a bit of movement as far as waders are concerned.

    Still only a couple of weeks to the first Chiffchaffs and a couple more to the posibility of a Wheatear on the patch...roll on Spring!