Wednesday 23rd Feb 2011 - Shenstone

Having heard that 2 Grey Partridge were again reported along Heath Lane yesterday, I returned this morning to put in another stint waiting and looking for them. Needless to say I didn't connect with them.

The model aircraft field held 9 Stock Dove and 6 Skylark (a couple of which were up singing). A Common Buzzard was on a fence post at the rear of the field and 2 cock Pheasants were also present. Further up the lane 3 Corn Buntings were perched up in separate locations singing. The paddock held c.60 Redwing, c.40 Fieldfare and c.40 Starling. 3 Goldfinch, 3 Greenfinch and a Chaffinch were also noted.

The mixed Bunting flock was still present along Witch Lane with c.30 Yellowhammers and c.20 Corn Buntings present. The number of Corn Buntings within this flock has certainly decreased but then around the patch individual birds are just starting to set up territories. Also, whilst at Witch Lane, a flock of 24 Lapwing flew over heading West.


  1. You'll meet up with those Grey Parts eventually Jase :-) They are Extinct here now :-(

  2. Yeah I know Warren...sorry to here that they are no longer in your neck of the woods