Saturday 12th Feb 2011 - Wyre Forest

Today, myself, the wife and her sister went for a walk in the Wyre Forest. It was a glorious day with clear blue sky and sunshine (a rarity of late).

The most productive part of the walk was along Dowles Brook where notable birds that we saw were 3 Mandarin Duck (2♂), 3 Brambling (2♂), 16 Siskin and 2 Marsh Tits. We didn't connect with any Dippers could say we dipped on dipper (bad pun I know!)

There was also no sign of Hawfinch at Lodge Hill Farm, although a single Brambling and 2 Bullfinch were showing by the footbridge. 2 Common Buzzards were up displaying and almost locked talons on a couple of occasions...but not quite. A Sparrowhawk was also present.

The walk back to Uncllys Farm was fairly uneventful with 2 Marsh Tits and a Raven flying over 'kronking' being the only real highlights. Still it was a nice day and a pleasant walk all the same.

Mandarin Ducks (drake - front):


  1. Lovely Mandarin Duck, beautiful.

  2. Thanks Bob..they may be a more recent addition to this country's birdlife but they are wonderful looking birds