Monday 28th Feb 2011 - Kidderminster & Shenstone

Whilst walking my dog round the block this morning I was treated to the sight of a ♂ Peregrine flying right over my head. I continued to watch the bird as it flew and landed on the Weaver's Wharf chimney stack. Once I had walked the dog and got back in the house I grabbed my bins and from a upstairs window managed to locate the bird on the stack. I then decided to set up my scope and enjoy the views of the bird. I even managed a record shot through the double glazing. The bird remained perched for over an hour. What a great start to the day.

Peregrine - Weaver's Wharf, Kidderminster:

On the patch today there were 2 Grey Partridges seen along Witch Lane (MS).

Also, 32 Corn Buntings were still present in the Witch Lane area (TMH). 9 Yellowhammers and 5 Reed Buntings were at Back Lane and 10 Lapwing flew over. c.50 Linnet were along Stanklyn Lane. Kestrels were seen at both at Witch Lane and Heath Lane (TMH).

It was mid afternoon before I got to the patch today. On arriving at Witch Lane I failed to pick up either the Corn Buntings or Grey Partridges. All was not lost though because as I scanned across one of the winter wheat fields I picked up a ♀ Peregrine that was on the ground busily plucking away and feeding on its prey. This is only the third time I have recorded Peregrine around Shenstone so needless to say I was pleased. For myself the day was turning into a raptor day and over the stubble opposite the former grainestore I picked up a ♀ Sparrowhawk.

I then headed over to Heath Lane. The paddock area was, other than a load of Wood Pigeons pretty much birdless. The same couldn't be said for the model aircraft field where c.60 Fieldfare, C.200 Starling, 5 Goldfinch, 2 Chaffinch and a Pied Wagtail were all feedining on the plough or perched up on the hedgerow....that was until a Sparrowhawk came through and put everything up. A Common Buzzard was sat perched on a fence post at the rear of the field.


  1. What a good bit of timing to see that first Peregrine Jase :-)

  2. Yes Warren...some days you get lucky...I guess its karma for all the hours the likes of you & I put in on our respective patches...often with little reward