Monday 16th May 2011 - Lower Bittell Reservoir

First up I would like to let you know that posts on this blog may be a bit scarce this week.  My wife has got a week off work and we have a number of things going on, so the amount of time I can dedicate to Shenstone and this blog will be very limited this week.  Anyway, now thats out of the way, on with today's post.

This morning Bev and I decided to pop and see the Summer plumage Black-necked Grebe that has been present for a couple of days at Lower Bittell Reservoir.  The reservoirs at Bittell are right on the edge of Birmingham but still just in Worcestershire. 

On arriving we were quickly put onto the bird by a fellow birder.  It actually wasn't too far out and was slowly moving closer, diving at regular intervals on they way.  I had only previously seen winter plumage Black-necked Grebes so it was a real privilege to see such a stunning summer plumage individual at a fairly close distance.

I have attached some record shots of the bird but they are not as good as I would like...the perils of digiscoping a constantly moving and diving subject...ah well.  I've also attached a snippet of video footage (snippet being the operative word)

Black-necked Grebe - 16th May 2011:


  1. Well done Jason (and Bev), I have never seen one although I think there has been the odd one at Draycote Water from time to time.

    I enjoyed seeing the Pearl-bordered Fritillary on the previous post. It really is a lovely butterfly which I doubt I will ever see. I read that the main reason for their continued drastic decline is due to the cessation of coppicing... so sad!

  2. Cheers Shy...its only the 2nd I have seen in Worcs. I do believe that they get them occasionally at Draycot.

    Fortunately the they undertake regular coppicing and removal of areas of trees in the Wyre to help protect these species of butterfly

  3. Good to meet you that day, Jason. It's a great little bird. And your pics are better than mine from my first visit, so don't be hard on yourself!