Thurs 28th April 2011 - Wyre Forest (again...)

Today I returned to the Wyre Forest with fellow local birder Mark Peacock with the aim of helping to pick up some of the forest speciality species.

We started our visit by undertaking a walk around the Uncllys Farm area.  Here we spent ages being given the run around by a very elusive Garden Warbler which only showed itself all but briefly.  There were 2 singing Common Redstarts in the area and one ♂ gave us particularly good views.  A bit further on we had a very obliging Wood Warbler that was singing and working an area quite close to the path.  I've got a sound recording of this bird that I will attach later in this post (if you listen to it in its entirety its song gets louder culminating in the typical spinning coin sound).  Not long afterwards we picked up a single Tree Pipit perched in one of the few trees dotted about the clearing.  A Cuckoo was also calling nearby.

We then drove down to Dry Mill Lane carpark and walked along Dowles Brook along the brook we picked up 2 Mandarin Duck (1♂), 1 Dipper and a Grey Wagtail.  Just past Coopers Mill we walked past the clearing and up towards the sandy bracken covered area.  In this area we had another Garden Warbler singing but the highlight for me was the profusion of butterflies. Here I recorded 2 Grizzled Skipper, 5 Dingy Skipper and 7 Pearl-bordered Fritillary. A number of Speckled Yellow moths were also present.

We then doubled back a short way, crossed the footbridge and followed the path West along Dowles Brook to a location where a pair of Pied Flycatchers had recently been reported.  Here we picked up a showy ♂ Pied Flycatcher that was singing away.  The nearby ♀ was contact calling back and was seen all too briefly. We then headed up to the disused railway line and back to the carpark.  I total during this walk we heard 4 singing Wood Warblers, 5 singing Redstarts and 2 singing Tree Pipits.  Just by the carpark another Garden Warbler afforded us next to none existent views thus ending an enjoyable days birding.

Wood Warbler - Wyre Forest, 28th April 2011:
Wood Warbler by Shenstone Birder

OK, I'm cheating now as I haven't managed to get a decent Wood warbler photo this's one I prepared earlier (actually last Spring in the Wyre).

Wood Warbler - Wyre Forest:


  1. 4 Wood warblers! quite something to hear if they all sang at once :-)

  2. Singing Wood Warbler, it's a stunning song, and a stunner in itself!

  3. Cheers Warren. Thanks Craig. You are right...there is nothing quite like the song of a Wood warbler