Thursday 26th May 2011 - Wyre Forest

Today I visited an undisclosed part of the Wyre Forest where I knew a pair of Common Redstarts are nesting.  I set up my scope/camera a good distance away from the tree where they were nesting as not to disturb the birds and recorded some video footage.  On editing this footage I was pleased with the results and have attched a video of the birds further on in this post.

Also of note nearby were a number of Nemophora degeerella Long-horned Moths that were fluttering around with the sunlight catching their metallic gold wings. I also managed to get a photo of one of these moths perched on a leaf.

Nemophora degeerella:

Common Redstart (Male):

Common Redstart (Female):


  1. Smart moths them there Degeers Longhorns and smart footage of the Redstarts, Jason. Well captured.

  2. Wow! Great piece of video Jason and the photos too.

    I spent a lot of time watching Blue Tits nesting in a tree trunk last year, that was exciting... but a Redstart!!... brilliant!

  3. Cheers Dean...I was pleased with the vid...a bit shaky due to the wind but all things considered it could have been worse!

    Thanks was a good day...just a pity it was 'off patch' but then its good to go elsewhere now and then to see other stuff.

    Shensrtone Birder