Thurs 12th May 2011 - Shenstone

I was unable to get around Shenstone this morning due to voluntary work commitments but in my absence Terry popped round and checked out the patch.  

There were 2 Yellow Wagtails (1♂) on the plough at Witch Lane and a ♀ Wheatear at Heath Lane model aircraft field (TMH).

When I managed to get to Shenstone early afternoon there was no sign of the Yellow Wagtails but the Wheatear was still present and showing well.  No photos though as the wind was to severe to digiscope.  Also over the aircraft field were 18 Swifts, 2 Swallows and 1 House Martin.  A Garden Warbler sang for a while from the hedgerow to the left.  2 singing Common Whitethroats were also present nearby.

I then decided to do an 'invert' walk along Butts Lane.  With the wind being strong I didn't pick up much although I did see a nice Common Blue butterfly and a Cantharis Rustica soldier beetle.

Common Blue - 12th May 2011:

Cantharis Rustica Beetle - 12th May 2011:


  1. Isn't it annoying how beautiful butterflies insist on posing on bare earth instead of a pretty flower! It is always happening to me, someone needs to tell them to play the game :)

    Great to hear the sound recordings on the previous post, sounds like you had an enjoyable evening. Have you heard how irresponsible some people are being by using bird calls on their phone apps to lure birds into the open which is stressing them and putting their eggs or young at risk. How stupid can people be?

  2. are so Shy...these butterflies do have a tendancy to not perch where you would like them.

    Thanks for kind words about bird was a great evening. I agree, sound luring is a problem especially during the breeding season. I dont play back my sound recordings to attract birds and wont... they are just there another aspect of my wildlife records.