Tuesday 10th May 2011 - Shenstone

Things were all very quiet around the patch bird wise today so I decided, after seeing a m Orange Tip butterfly along Heath Lane, to spend some time along Butts Lane looking at the various insects in and around the wildflower rich set aside.

It was noticeable than other than a handful of Green-viened Whites, a couple of Large Whites and a single Speckled Wood...there was very few butterflies on the wing.  But, there were however plenty of other creatures of interest to see.

At the arable headland near the junction with Barrs Lane I picked up a Silver Ground Carpet.  Unfortunately I was unable to get any pics of this day flying moth.  Walking along the lane there were good numbers of the tiny Cock's Foot Moth (Glyphipterix simpliciella)  feeding on the Dandelion flowers. Red Soldier Beetles were still in good numbers as were Garden Chafer Beetles.  Perhaps my favourite find was a Common Malachite Beetle (Malachius bipustulatus).  Although this small green and red beetle is fairly common, its a species I've never noticed before.  So all in all an enjoyable morning looking at some of Shenstone's smaller residents.

Other news:  A Common Tern was at Captains Pool early evening (TS)

Green-Viened White - 10th May 2011:

Garden Chafer - 10th May 2011:

Red Soldier Beetle - 10th May 2011:

Common Malachite Beetle - 10th May 2011:

Cock's Foot Moths - 10th May 2011:


  1. Yeah, there`s always something else during these months to grab your attention when the birding goes quiet. Great Post, Jason.

  2. Very nice post Jason. It is surprising just how much we can find if we take the time to look for the little creatures.

  3. Thanks folks...its certainly worthwhile and interesting to look at the bigger (or is that smaller) picture now and again

  4. It's only May Jase, and we're on the inverts already mate!

  5. Nice one Jason, the Green-veined White is my favourite.

  6. Warren - It's been a funny Spring mate...I think the fine April weather meant that a lot of Sprig migrants just flew straight through...still theres time for the odd Whinchat, Spot Fly and of course Quail yet.

    Cheers Bob...glad you like the pics