Tues 3rd May 2011 - Westwood & Upton Warren

This morning I received word that a county mega in the form of a Spotted Sandpiper had been found at the privately owned Westwood Pool, Droitwich.  This stunning summer plumage bird was found by Wayne Dutton who, with permission from the owner, works the area daily as his local patch.  The owners very kindly granted access to Westwood for the day and as the bird was a lifer for me I decided to go along.

On arrival I was very quickly put onto the bird by one of my fellow Worcestershire birders.  I was shocked it was actually close in on the nearby damn wall.  This stunning individual was showing really well and I lapped up every minute of seeing this vagrant American wader.  This is the first one ever recorded in Worcestershire and a top drawer find by Wayne who, up until this bird, had been having the bleakest of Springs.  Just shows its worth sticking with your patch even through the lean times.

Spotted Sandpiper - Westwood:

Spotted Sandpiper video footage - 3rd May 2011:

After leaving Westwood I decided to pop 4 miles up the road to Upton Warren NR to see the two Black Terns that had arrived that morning.  I love Black Terns, they are so agile and acrobatic on the wing. Needless to say, I spent a fair while at the Moors Pool enjoying these birds.  I also saw a bizarre Common Tern with no tail feathers that looked like a flying wing.  It seemed to be managing ok and was flying about and fishing just like the other Common Terns

I then decided to pop over to The Flashes.  A Summer plumage Bar-tailed Godwit was present here and There were good numbers of very young Avocet and Lapwing chicks dotted around.  I also noted 2 Shelduck, 2 Common Sandpipers and a number of Little Ringed Plovers.

All in all an enjoyable away day.  As for Shenstone, TMH had a fall of Wheaters on the evening (see previous blog entry).  Ah well, I will put some time in round the patch tomorrow.

Bar-tailed Godwit - Upton Warren:

Avocet Chicks - Upton Warren:

Lapwing Chick - Upton Warren:


  1. Nothing better than a lifer in the county, Jason. Well, unless it`s on your patch.

  2. Ha..your right there Dean...and this site is only about 8 miles from my patch so I dint have to go far. Im not one for twitching really but if something good turns up in the locallity then I will go and have a look