Wed 4th May 2011 - Shenstone

Started this mornings visit at Stanklyn Lane where a ♂ Wheatear was perched on a fence post at the rear of the horse paddocks.  Also 4 singing Common Whitethroat along Stanklyn Lane and 6 Swallows.  At the edge of Stanklyn Wood I picked up a patch lifer (don't get to excited) in the form of a ♂ Bullfinch.  Believe it or not they are mega scarce round Shenstone and in 4 years of working the patch it is the first time I have connected with one.

At Heath Lane model aircraft field there were 2 Common Swifts...the first on the patch this Spring.  Also, 2 Swallows were over the field and 2 Common Whitethroats were singing. 2 Linnets,  a Common Buzzard and a ♂ Kesterel were also present.  At the paddock there was a singing ♂ Yellowhammer, 2 Linnets and another singing Common Whitethroat present.

Next up I checked out Butts Lane where a ♀ Wheatear was present in the grounds of Eastfield Farm.  Also present were a Pied Wagtail, 2 Swallows, 1 House Martin and a singing Common Whitethroat.

Yet more singing Common Whitethroats around the patch with another 3 along Witch Lane.  6 Swallows were low over the ploughed field near the old grainstore.  Also of interest here was another Brimstone Moth.

Wheatear (female) - 4th May 2011:


  1. Hi Jason, I don't know why but I rarely see Whitethroats, everyone else seems to see lots of them!

    Well done with the Spotted Sandpiper! Also belated congratulations on your 1st blog anniversary :)

  2. Thank Shy.

    I think the Whitethroats are down to habitat they especially like hedgerows in arable areas. If you have some big Rape or cereal fields around check the hedgerows that border them..also check out clumbs of weel established bramble

  3. p.s. please ignore the should read well established bramble.

  4. Lovely Wheatear you've caught.

  5. Thankyou Bob...I love Wheatears they are one of my favourite birds