Please Note

The 'Butterfly Gallery' has now been re-vamped and updated.  Please click on the link in the additional pages section (right hand side of blog) to view the gallery.  The 'Equipment Used' page has also been updated to incclude sound recording equipment.

Also I would just like to inform my fellow bloggers that I am still experiencing issues with blogger software with regards to posting and responding comments.  Lets hope they rectify this soon.


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  1. Hi Jason, I have just enjoyed looking through your butterfly gallery, a good idea, maybe I should put mine all together in one place too.

    I enjoyed the previous post too. Like you said thank goodness for the invertebrates in the Summer :)

    Sorry you are still having blog problems. I have temporarily disabled the word verification on my blog in the hope it will enable some people with problems to comment. I think some have also got round it by commenting anonymously and just typing their name on the comment. I also read that some have been helped by getting rid of all their history, cookies and cache. I don't know whether any of that helps you.